IBM BluePostbox

May 28, 2016
Driver for Liquid Chromatography System
December 19, 2014

IBM BluePostbox

One secure digital mail inbox

BluePostbox is a secure, simple, fast solution to receive and access important documents from anywhere at anytime. Remembering different credentials for multiple portals for downloading documents or receiving and managing paper documents is not needed anymore.

One inbomultiple devices always synchronized

BluePostbox is managing the end-to-end encrypted delivery of documents – also on multiple devices, no matter which device type and no matter in which app the BluePostbox is integrated. In doing so BluePostbox keeps all inboxes synchronized!

Follow-on processes direct, easy and online

BluePostbox offers the completely digital processing of follow-on processes which are connected with the delivered documents like paying invoices, recording data (e.g. meter values), creating appointments and sending additional informations.


Secure Online Data Storage for all further paper documents
Furthermore, you can upload and store all physical documents to the highly secure BluePostbox cloud by taking pictures and adding them to your inbox – thus they are also available from anywhere at anytime and synchronized over all devices in a secure way.